Uncover the Top 5 Brands Most Likely to Launch Agency Reviews in Q1 2017



In this eBook, we've identified five emerging and established brands that are most likely to launch agency reviews in Q1 2017. Meaning, our inside sources have told us these brands are most likely on the hunt for new agencies. So why not you? It's a hard job to constantly keep up with today's fast-paced advertising industry, we know. That's why Winmo and DailyVista have teamed up to bring you this insider information that reveals exclusive new business opportunities to give you the edge over the competition. We've packed this eBook with exclusive insights, verified contact information for each brand decision maker, and more. These are prime new business targets to go after right now, so don't delay.

In this eBook we've uncovered: 

  • The top five brands that are most likely to launch agency reviews in Q1 2017
  • Analyis on why these brands have landed at the top of our list and who should reach out
  • Human-verified contact information to all the brand decision makers listed in this eBook
  • Accurate media spend summaries for each brand
  • A breakdown of all agency relationships for each brand

Time is limited with each opportunity listed in this eBook. Act fast before you miss out.