Turn Big Brands Into Sponsors

Conferences, music festivals, sports teams…even your local art festival; they all rely on sponsorship to cover or offset the costs of organizing and staging their events. Whether you’re a veteran organizer or new to sponsorships, you need answers to questions like:

  • How can sponsorship fund my event?
  • What are common types of sponsorship?
  • How do I identify partners that are a good fit for my audience?
  • How do I communicate the value of my event to brands?
  • How do I ask – and get – what I want from a sponsor?

This ebook is for you if you’re:

  • Tasked with outreach to new/potential partners
  • Growing existing partnerships
  • New to sponsorships
  • Looking for a tactical refresher
  • A veteran sponsor-relationship manager

Or you work with/for organizations like:

  • Business conferences
  • Music festivals
  • Sports teams
  • Food festivals
  • Community events


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