A New Way to Find Agency New Business

Winmo empowers agency new business teams to successfully engage brands they're most qualified to work with. Our platform paves a clear path to decision-makers who control $100 billion in marketing budgets every year, allowing you to filter by annual revenue, vertical, geography, spend by channel, even forecasted agency change window, to engage the right contacts on the right brands at the right time.

Agencies come to us when they are encountering one of the following new business challenges:

  • Our competitors are eating our lunch! They are pitching and winning accounts before we are; we need help getting to these opportunities before they do.
  • Our new business team is having difficulty finding the advertisers that are best fit for our services (and have the budget to hire us).
  • We don't have the bandwidth to keep track of significant account and decision-maker shifts. We need a tool that monitors changes like title shifts, new brand/agency relationships and contact detail updates. 


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