Evaluate your new business intel. 

When you invest in the stock market, you watch for signs that a particular company’s stock is poised to rise or fall – and the key is to move when you see the earliest indication, because after the price has moved, it’s too late.

The same is true of agency new business development, only the signs are more subtle, and harder to keep track of. That’s where DailyVista comes in. Monitoring a range of indicators, DailyVista calculates the likelihood of an agency review occurring, and scores these opportunities accordingly, using a 1-100 scale.

It’s like insider trading for new business professionals – only legal.

In this report, we’re providing you with insider information on the advertisers topping our Vulnerable Accounts Index (VAI) – those with the highest likelihood of shaking up their agency rosters in Q3.

For each of these opportunities, we’re also adding contextual relevance you need to intelligently pitch their business, and, courtesy of our sister product Winmo, the low-down on their current spending and agency relationships.

Happy prospecting!