Connect With the Right Brands at Just the Right Time With This Intel

In this eBook, we look at ten emerging and established brands who are most likely to launch agency reviews in Q1 2018. In other words, our inside sources tell us that these brands present multiple signs indicating the search for new agencies. So why can’t that be you? We know you deserve it!

With the fast-paced advertising industry, we know it’s tough to keep up. So, to make things easier on you, we’ve tapped our insider information to find exclusive new business opportunities that we know will give you an edge over your competition. Time is of the essence, go after these prime business targets now!

In this eBook we've uncovered:

  • The top ten brands that are most likely to launch agency reviews in Q1 2018
  • Analysis on why these brands have landed at the top of our list
  • Human-verified contact information to brand decision makers listed in this eBook
  • Accurate national TV and digital display spend for each brand running ads
  • Current agency relationships for listed brands


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