CMOs at National Brands Last 38 Months

Our inaugural report, “The CMO Lifecycle: Tenure Analysis & Potential Sales Opportunities," shows that CMOs are rotating out on an average pace of every 38 months – meaning the market is returning to pre-recession levels of C-suite mobility. And, the market has never been more primed for potential sales opportunities. 

We’ve tracked over 1400 CMO tenures across 1100 national advertisers/brands whose revenues are $10M+. Since this type of sales intelligence is directly in our wheelhouse, we’ve structured the report to include the average and median tenures by industry, including CPG, financial services, restaurant, and retail.


How do CMO shifts translate to sales opportunities? 

For agencies- knowing when a new CMO shift is likely to occur can also indicate the initiation of an agency review, which means this is a prime opportunity to start pitching the incoming CMO. In fact, our study shows that on average, a new AOR is typically named 6-18 months after the CMO is hired. With such short turnaround, it's crucial to time your new business outreach accordingly. 

For media sellers- simply knowing which CMO shifts are on the horizon will allow you to identify decision makers worth staying in contact with for future revenue opportunities.


Download this report to identify: 

  • The average and median CMO tenures at national brands from over 1400 tracked CMO tenures. (The largest tracked dataset ever!)
  • Techniques to improve your business development strategy with this exclusive data.
  • Bonus: Receive industry-specific tenures for CMOs in the CPG, financial, retail, and restaurant industries.



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