Target the Right CMOs at Precisely the Right Moment

If you’re responsible for driving new business, you know that a new CMO hire is like a flashing neon sign of opportunity.

With a majority of agency reviews happening between six and 12 months of a new CMO hire, it's critical to track leadership changes and prospect while the iron is hot. 

That's where Winmo comes into play.

We’re following industry changes and verifying decision maker information every 120 days so that you don’t have to.

To help you start 2019 one step ahead of the competition, we've aggregated six hand-selected CMOs who are prime targets for Q1.

This report includes:

  • Six CMOs who are either actively reviewing or likely to review agency partners, martech vendors, and more.
  • Analysis on why these brands are vulnerable targets.
  • BONUS: Verified contact information for each CMO.

Remember, time is limited with each opportunity. Act fast before you miss out!



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