Start Connecting with New CMOs at Just the Right Time

We've found that one of the biggest indicators of new sales opportunities is the appointment of a new Chief Marketing Officer. In fact, our research shows that on average, a new Agency of Record (AOR) is typically named 6-12 months after a CMO is hired. With such massive changes looming ahead, it's crucial to get smart about your prospecting and time your new business outreach accordingly. The sooner you know when a CMO shift occurs, the greater your chances are at getting your foot in the door before anyone else. And to ultimately, win new business. 

We know this type of sales intelligence takes countless hours to find and confirm on your own. To save you time and sanity, this eBook highlights seven CMO shifts that represent ideal prospecting opportunities. 

Download this eBook to identify:

  • Recent CMO hires at big brands with accurate, reliable contact information you can trust
  • Insights on WHY you should be watching these CMOs
  • Context on WHEN and WHERE the opportunity exists

Are you a seller? Download this eBook to understand which CMO shifts and upcoming opportunities are on the horizon, so you can prioritize the decision makers worth nurturing for future revenue opportunities.

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