Esports: The Industry Gaming for Your Attention  

With the Esports market on track to hit the $1B mark this year many brands have made their big entrance (or are planning to). According to Newzoo, $897 million will come from endemic and non-endemic brand investments (media rights, advertising and sponsorship).

Get in the game with this emerging report. 

With such growth on the horizon, you might recognize the field of opportunity is vast, but maybe you don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we’ve broken down the players, the opportunities, and more, with actionable insight on:

• Key leagues, sponsors, upcoming events, teams and publishers
• 5 imminent sales opportunities for you to jump on now
• BONUS: Verified contact information to start your research

Revenue in this space is anticipated to hit $691 million by 2022 in North America, but time is limited with each opportunity we’ve detailed. Act fast before you miss out!


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