Target Major Brands and Secure Ad Dollars

There's nothing worse than reaching a qualified advertiser only to hear they're out of budget. That's why team Winmo is doing the heavy lifting for you in Q1, so you can reach the right people, at the right brands, at the right time - that magical window when media budgets are being allocated.

This Pitch Alert identifies seven brands in planning mode that are forecasted to have advertising dollars up for grabs in 2019. To give you a leg up on the competition, we've packed this report with exclusive insights you won't find anywhere else. All the brands listed in this report are prime sales targets to go after right now, so don't delay.

In this report we've uncovered:

  • Seven brands that are in planning mode – a.k.a. prime sales targets.
  • Analysis on why these brands have landed on this exclusive report.
  • BONUS: Verified phone numbers & emails for all the brand decision makers.

Remember, time is limited with each opportunity. Act fast before you miss out!




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