Identify and Secure Major Partnerships

Scoring a sponsorship or partnership deal is all about timing; you’ve got to approach brands when they have budget to spend and are willing to listen. In this guide, Winmo provides you with crucial insights and direct contact details so that you can turn sponsorship prospects into confirmed partners. With the most accurate sales and partnership intelligence in the industry, Winmo is perfect for:

  • Sports Teams
  • Non-Profits
  • Event Partnerships
  • Experiential Marketers

Connect with brands when they’re ready to partner.

Your chances of engaging key decision makers and partnering with their businesses are far greater if you can get a foot in the door before anyone else. To help you do so, we've uncovered:

  • Top brands in partnership planning mode.
  • Analysis on why these brands have landed in this exclusive report.
  • BONUS: Verified phone numbers & emails for all the brand decision makers.

Remember, time is limited with each opportunity. Act fast before you miss out!



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